We are committed to help people to take a leap in giving themselves the chance to have career advancement and equal opportunities as professionals overseas, uplift their living conditions-achieve maximum success and security for themselves and for their whole families for a better and brighter future. We aim to make them globally competitive, qualified and at par with international standards.
This is by allowing MAC PHILS NZ / CFACOMS PHILS lead the first step towards the enhancement of both their innate and acquired knowledge and skills thru the provision of professional advices and services to those who intend to study and later on settle down in New Zealand.


We envision MAC PHILS NZ / CFACOMS PHIL to be a dynamic ONE-STOP-SHOP IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY COMPANY in the near future, enriching and transforming lives of people intending to establish, find their niche in NZ together with their loved ones with all the possibilities they can explore within the realms of their respective careers. We envision an organisation with continuous growth, non-stop in improving and maintaining its core values in its desire to address the various needs of its clientele. MAC PHILS NZ / CFACOMS will remain responsive, focused to the needs of the people it serves, adapting to the constant changes of global standards within the industry it belongs to.